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Mother of the Bride or Groom makeup.....


I completely understand when either a mother of the bride or groom feels a bit anxious about having their makeup done.


No one wants to look or feel cakey or even aged, so it's important to get it right. With the internet full of 'the latest craze makeup' and heavily filtered and edited photos, its no wonder you may feel this way.


I really enjoy doing a mum's makeup, giving her that confidence for the day. A lot of the time they may forget that they will be standing next to their daughter or son and photographed too. 


For a glowing look, skin preparation, creamy products and less is definitely more.

Here are some of the amazing mums I have met over the years. These photos have been taken by me and are not edited in any way, so you can really see how the makeup would look in real life.

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