The Fine Print

It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to pay a booking fee, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.



Booking Fee and Payment


When you’re happy with your quote and would like to secure your booking, a non-refundable booking fee of £70.00 is required before a date will be held. Any booking fee paid is deducted from the final balance and is not an upfront payment for trials. Trial costs are due at the time of the trial, or prior


Full payment is required 14 Days before the wedding via direct BACS. Please ensure you put the wedding date and your surname as a reference and let Amberfied Makeup know when this has been sent.





In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your booking, please do so in writing by either post or email. We will in turn acknowledge the cancellation in writing. The following cancellation fees apply if the booking is cancelled by the client:


  • Cancellations up to 14 Days prior to the wedding, 100% of the total cost is payable.


  • Cancellations 15 – 28 Days prior to the wedding 75% of the total cost is payable.


  • Cancellations 29-45 Days prior to the wedding 50% of the total cost is payable.


  • Cancellations 46-59 Days prior to the wedding 25% of the total cost is payable




Travel Expenses –


Travel expenses are complimentary for the first 1 mile of road travel on the day of the wedding. Mileage thereafter is charged at 45p per mile and is worked out using postal codes.



Insurance –


Amberfied Makeup hold full public liability insurance to protect both themselves and the client.



Client Obligations –


Please inform us of any allergies or reactions prior to, or after, any makeup application. If no known allergies are stated we cannot be held liable for any reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to you or any other member of your party.


Prior to having your makeup applied, please ensure your skin is clean, exfoliated and product free ( we will prep your skin)


Please ensure your wedding party is aware of timings on the day, and that they need to be and remain available until the makeup application is finished.


Photo Tags & Photography 

Please use the following tags when posting any photos of our work as well as our personal hashtag for all of our lovely Brides



It is imperative that I continue to update my portfolio and demonstrate my work to future Brides. Please do let me know if you do not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy with your images to be used for marketing purposes. I will not show any photos from a trial until after the wedding day. I am also happy to be photographed on your wedding morning, please use any of the above Photo tags and reference Amberfied Makeup as your artist.



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